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The LAUDA Proline Edition X:
X-tremely reliable. Powerful X-tras included.

Lauda - Exzellenz erleben.
Remote control Command
software Wintherm Plus
36-month warranty

The classic version outdoes itself.
The LAUDA Proline Edition X

For more than ten successful years now, the LAUDA Proline name has stood for uncompromisingly reliable thermostating, intuitive operation and high flexibility in the research, application technology and production areas.

On this occasion, we present to you the frequently tried-and-tested heating and cooling thermostats for ranges of -90 to 300 ˚C at the absolute height of its game: as the Proline Edition X.

With the new design focus and high-value x-tras included.

Now up to
25% in savings*!
  • Versatile: Working temperature range from -90 to 300 °C
  • EasyUse: simple, intuitive control
  • PowerAdapt system: Maximum heating performance, up to 3.5 kW depending on the network in use
  • Patented SmartCool system: Up to 75% energy savings thanks to digital refrigeration management
  • Powerful: Varioflex pump (pressure-suction pump) with eight pump levels, 0.7 bar pump pressure and 0.4 bar suction performance
  • Flexible: Interface modules, lateral and rear pump connections
  • Multifunctional: Simultaneous connection of two external applications possible
  • Variable: Large selection of accessories
  • Powerful X-tras included at no additional charge
*compared to the non-binding recommended retail price of previous Proline heating and cooling thermostats in the respective Command version.
Proline Edition X heating thermostats
Proline Edition X cooling thermostats

The LAUDA Proline Edition X.
Three powerful X-tras included.

Includes: Remote control Command
For particularly convenient operation of the LAUDA Proline Edition X at distances as far as 50 meters away. Thanks to the large display, you can effortlessly keep an eye on all of the most important parameters. For comfortable, easy and fast working.
Includes: Wintherm Plus software

Efficient and convenient: Thanks to control of thermostats via PC

Download Demoversion Wintherm Plus
Includes: 36-month warranty
The almost proverbial LAUDA quality provides reliability and calmness day by day, year on year. Now with 36-month warranty too.

Professional work with the Proline Edition X ...

… thanks to the control of external consumers – remotely too
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... thanks to extremely precise thermostating of samples and materials in bath applications
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… thanks to flexible and secure data management
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Videos of LAUDA Proline Edition X

LAUDA Proline Edition X – Operation via Command
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Software Wintherm Plus
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Commissioning
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Preparing connection of an external application
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Interface modules
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Connection of external Pt100 temperature sensors
LAUDA Proline Edition X – Filling and emptying heat transfer liquid

Accessories for the LAUDA Proline Edition X


Shut down valve/Reverse flow protection
Reverse flow protection when thermostating external systems, to avoid over-flow when pump stops, for retrofitting with LiBus. Temperature range -40…140 °C

Cat. No. Description
LCZ 9673 Shut down valve reverse flow protection with LiBus
Suitable for All Proline devices

Solenoid valve
Water-conscious cooling on heating thermostats for cooling water control. Controlled cooling operation for exothermal reactions or controlled cooling with programmer. Up to 155 °C bath temperature.

Cat. No. Description Temperature range
LCZ 9662 Solenoid valve with LiBus-connector -10...155 °C
Suitable for All heating and clear-view thermostats

Constant level device
Necessary for the constant liquid level when thermostating open external baths. Connection set: for wall thickness of bath vessel between 0 to 30 mm, with opening for thermometers 4 mm or 1.9 mm Ø and clamping gland HX 077 and HX 078.

Cat. No. Description Suitable for
LCZ 0660 Level controller, mechanical P 8 (C), RP 845 (C), RP 855 (C)*, RP 870 (C)*
LCZ 0679 Connection set for external inlet and outlet LCZ 0660
* Not with option bath cover including bath edge heating (LCZ 9670)

Automatic filling device
For automatic replacement of liquid losses in thermostat bath, for example by evaporation. Also from vessels with max. 1 m suction height

Cat. No. Description
LCZ 9661 Automatic filling device with LiBus

Interface modules
An RS 232/485 interface is integrated as a standard feature. The control head is equipped for two interface modules to be plugged into the rear of the unit.

Cat. No. Description
LRZ 912 Analog module, 2 x In, 2 x Out, 0(4)…20 mA or 0…10 V
LRZ 913 RS 232/485 interface, electrically isolated, 9-pin SUB-D socket
LRZ 914 Contact module NAMUR, 1 x In, 1 x Out, NE 28, 2 DIN socket
LRZ 915 Contact module SUB-D, 3 x In, 3 x Out, 15-pin SUB-D
LRZ 917 Profibus module, electrically isolated, 9-pin SUB-D socket

Suitable hoses/tubing for heat transfer liquids and cooling water
Available upon request.

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